Kaltura Video Platform as a Service <VPaaS>

>  Add video capabilities to existing apps and services to create rich, interactive video experiences and workflows.
>  Build new video-centric applications and services, getting to market fast by building on Kaltura’s market-leading video infrastructure.
>  Power video experiences and business workflow by starting quickly with boilerplates and customize to fit branding, workflows
and UX.

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Building video experiences consists of ingesting media files, video playback and reviewing usage and engagement analytics.
In between there is a world of nuances that your unique use-case and app requires.

Kaltura VPaaS is built on the principles of atomic services, SDKs and tools allowing you full control and flexibility over every element and process in the life cycle of your media.

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Video Player

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Video API

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Media Workflows

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Mobile Video

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Live & Media Prep

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Authentication & User Administration

Manage user access to applications, functionality and content using Kaltura Auth and Security via the REST API

Media Ingestion & Acquisition

Get your content into Kaltura via the Kwidget uploader, bulk upload, bulk ingest via URL or using Kaltura's robust upload APIs

Category & Metadata Management

Create categories, assign media, add users and leverage custom data to package your content for your particular use-case

Security, Entitlements & Control

Maintain full control over how your content is accessed, which users are granted access, over which networks, and from what locations

Metadata Extraction Enrichment

Take advantage of transcription, translation and cue-point metadata to improve search experiences and drive SEO

Content Preparation & Transcoding

Ensure multi-flavor content transcoding and delivery across devices, bandwidth environments and tailored use-cases

Cross-Device Media Playback & Delivery

Deliver your content flavors across different CDNs to every device via streaming, progressive or hybrid protocols

Live Broadcast & Recording Workflows

Create live entries, configure adaptive-bitrate live flavor transcoding, and set live DVR and live-to-VOD parameters  

Workflows & Event Notifications

Create advanced workflows such as auto- ingestion, distribution and syndication feeds. Configure auto-notifications for these workflows

Search, Discovery & Personalization

Search for content, metadata, transcriptions and more from within your own applications using Kaltura's REST APIs

Applications & Widgets Management

Manage your Kaltura widgets - players, uploaders, authoring tools, and any other uiconf widget via the Kaltura API

Kaltura Server Administration


Media Analytics

Access content, user, geographic & device-based data to gain insights into what your users enjoy to watch

Backend Notifications

Take advantage of a range of notifications; HTTP, email, push & BPM Integrations





Player Toolkit Structure Overview

Built on top of an advanced resource loader that supports dynamic packing of modules, features & player metadata while minimizing resources into a single non-blocking payload.

Intelligent Per-Platform Player Selection

Using a single player library & embed code, the Kaltura Player will load content dynamically in HTML5 or Flash across desktop, mobile , set-top-box and other end-user devices.

Unified Flash & HTML5 Player API

A JavaScript API provides a two-way communication channel that lets the player communicate what it is doing and lets you instruct the player to perform operations, across any device or workflow.

Simple JSON Configuration Tools

A host of tools on player.kaltura.com provide direct access to JSON config of player plugins and UI Vars make it easy to customize player experiences across devices

CSS-Based Skins with State Classes

Load external CSS resources to override portions of the player skin or add custom external plugins. CSS and HTML can be customized according to player state.

Plugins with Extended Base Component Classes


Native iOS & Android Components

Integrate the Kaltura Player into native applications on iOS & Android using the mobile SDK - enabling the full HTML5 player platform without limitation.

Multiple Video Embed Options

Multiple embed code options to fit your use case - spanning HTML-only, SEO includes, thumbnail-only, responsive embed & everything else in-between.

Kaltura Application Framework

Integrate core video functionality into applications with KAF widgets. All components support cross-device usage, responsive design
& automatic device detection.

VAST & DFP Ad-Server Integrations

Out-the-box support for VAST 3.0, & integrated plugins for Google DoubleClick DFP, FreeWheel, Ad Tech, Eye Wonder, AdapTV & Tremor Video.

iOS Native SDK

Integrate Kaltura video into native iOS applications while retaining the full player experience & functionality

Android Native SDK

Integrate Kaltura video into native Android applications while retaining the full player experience & functionality

Access Control Content Restrictions

Control access to content by combining white- or blacklist parameters such as domain, IP address, location or video flavor.

Secure User

Securely authenticate users into your application, assign user roles / permissions, & exercise control over Kaltura Session parameters.

Back-end Event Notifications

Enable your applications to respond to asynchronous events that occur on the Kaltura server by parsing HTTP POST requests.

Media Transcoding Workflows

Manage any input type, file size and volume, prioritize transcoding jobs, dedicate servers or content secure with DRM.

Category Management & Entitlements

Manage content organization & taxonomy, as well as viewer access to content by using categories & user-roles.

Gallery Creation & Content Search

Pull content thumbnails & metadata into a viewer gallery or create a search results page against user queries, all via the Kaltura API.

Metadata Management Workflows

Create new fields, push new metadata, update existing metadata & assign entries to categories via the Kaltura API.

Manual & Conditional Playlist Management

Create new playlists, update existing playlists, define playlist conditions & sorting, & pull content from playlists via the Kaltura API.

Related Content Recommendation

Power related content recommendations using metadata both in the Kaltura Player & within your own applications.

Upload to Publish Workflows

Ingest from any source, transcode into any format, apply content restrictions, & publish to your applications.

Media Repurposing Workflows

Create & update media repurposing profiles using rules & actions to apply to media that needs to be archived or removed

User Management Workflows

Add & update user profiles, integrate with an active directory, configure user permissions, add & remove users from categories

Live Streaming

Create live entries, configure live features, pull live entry credentials, grab embed codes & publish to your applications

Live DVR

Enable or disable DVR, & change DVR length to provide a seamless viewing experience in your application

Live Streaming

Pull real-time live data against live entries - such as unique views, location, buffering times & average bitrates, via the Kaltura API

Live Closed

Ingest live WebVTT caption metadata for delivery over HLS, HDS, DASH and RTMP streaming formats

Live Entry

Extract VOD segments from ongoing live streams & publish to your applications via the API

Live Cue

TBA. Using ID3 tags

Metadata Profiles &
Schema Management

Create categories, assign live media, add users and leverage custom data to package your live content for your viewers

Hooking into
Remote Storage

Serve media to the CDN from a remote storage source such as Amazon S3 or Azure Storage

Leverage Drop
Folder Ingest

Ingest content & metadata into your applications automatically via FTP-based drop folders

Ingest Content
from a Webcam

Allow your users to capture content into your applications using any connected webcam

Ingest Content
from a URL

Ingest content from an external source such as an OVP, cloud storage or FTP location


Integrate with Kaltura partners via API to leverage services like speech to text & visual recognition

Content Usage

Data around content views,  view times, player impressions, drop-off rates & content interactions like Shares or Downloads

Audience Interaction Reports

Data around specific users, geographic distribution, content contribution & syndication to other sites.

Media Analytics

Pull data reports into your application around your specific use-case using a range of different API calls & filters

Live & Real-Time

Data around live streaming entries such as number of users, plays, minutes viewed, average bitrates and buffering times

Leaderboard &
Engagement Reports

Data around content popularity - who are the most engaged viewers, what are users watching, & for how long

3rd-Party Analytics

Integrate Kaltura analytics with 3rd party products such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Nielson & Comscore

Platform & Browser

Data around what devices, device models, operating systems, browsers & versions your viewers are using to watch content

Custom Data

TBA. Might be redundant since we have Media Analytics Workflows


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What are People Building with Kaltura?

Lakana built a web video publishing, management and distribution platform servicing over 125 local news broadcasters, while also exposing APIs and mobile SDKs as an OEM.
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GoGo built an inflight Paid TV service connecting inflight video rental and on-land mobile enabled video catch-up experience on Delta and American Airlines flights in the US.
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Thompson Reuters built an end-to-end media platform featuring contextual, time-sensitive video news distribution and discovery for financial institutions and trading desks. 
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New York: HTML5 Video

12 November
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San Francisco: Player Platform 

25 November
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Tel Aviv: VPaaS

11 December
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